Is the gear carrier compatible with a towball?

Not yet. In view of the feedback from the community, we are studying the feasibility of integrating a towball. This would require a modification to the hitching part of the equipment carrier and an additional approval.

What is the weight of the gear carrier alone?

The weight of the gear carrier is approximately 60kg excluding modules. 

What is the maximum payload weight on the gear carrier?

200kg payload: this may vary depending on the carrier vehicle.

How will the gear carrier be secured?

With padlocks.

The gear carrier will be compatible with which vehicle models?

Initially T4 to T6.1, Trafic 2, 3 & 4 and derivatives: Fiat, Nissan and Opel. This list will evolve in the coming months.

Is the equipment carrier compatible with double doors and tailgates?


Reversing camera ?

We are currently testing a solution that will fit all new and existing gear carriers.

What are the next steps for SKEP?

The next step is to present you with a configurator on which you can create your own customised gear carrier with its modules according to your uses. Then we will launch the crowdfunding campaign, you will be able to pre-order your gear carrier. After the crowdfunding campaign, the equipment carrier will be officially commercialised and we will continue to innovate by proposing modules and accessories that will fit on your gear carrier.

Where will the gear carrier be manufactured?

The gear carrier will be made in France.

How much will the gear carrier cost?

C’est à force d’optimisations et d’améliorations que nous avons pu avancer sur le chiffrage. Nous avons ainsi pu calculer une fourchette de prix. Le porte-matériel seul est estimé entre 1 820 € à 1 910 €.